About Ganel-Lyn

Ganel-Lyn is a popular motivational speaker – known for inspiring others with her unique honesty, authenticity and spirit. She is dedicated to her family, faith, and inspiring others. Ganel-Lyn loves teaching others with speaking and writing. She has experienced healing from a major chronic illness and is the mother to two miracle children. After the heart-breaking suicide of her 40 year old sister, Ganel-Lyn is constantly working towards prevention. Ganel-Lyn lives with an open heart and feels passionate about sharing principles that will empower others to live life with more joy. She is a regular television/radio guest and hosts the popular shows REAL TALK CFM and THE MIDDLE. Ganel-Lyn’s talks and books have now encouraged thousands of people all over the world. She loves growing older with her cute husband Rob and aims to keep learning and loving.

Books & Writings:
When You Let God Prevail, His Promises Are Sure (July 2021)
I Can Do Hard Things with God (February 2015)
I Can Forgive with God (August 2016)
I Can Choose Joy with God (March 2019)
The Perfect Gift (October 2016)
The Decision that Changed my Life (January 2017)
Mother to Mother (March 2017)
You are More Than Enough, You are Magnificent (March 2018)
Everyday Faith column in the Daily Herald
Real Talk, Real Life: Through the Doctrine & Covenants

DVD & Audio
Stay Audio Talk on CD (April 2020)
You Are Lionproof (February 2019)
You Are Already Walking on Water Audio talk on CD (February 2018)


She is so relateable. People from all ages will appreciate and connect with her experiences and stories.
- Brent E.

Ganel-Lyn’s ability to relate to both my teachers and students was amazing. She was able to take a hard topic and use her own personal experiences to make it seem more relatable and less intimidating for both my teachers and students. Any school would be lucky to have her come and present to their students and teachers.
- Wendy Whetton

She was a fantastic speaker with a compelling message. I loved the message that your story is not fully written yet, and to stay in your lane and just keep moving forward and to STAY! She did a great job bringing the students in and taking them on the journey with her. Would definitely recommend!
- Charlotte D.

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